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Dii is an organization that unites leading experts in meteorology, agriculture, and technology to empower smallholder farmers with cutting-edge climate advisories. Our goal is to mitigate climate risks and enhance farm profitability, ultimately driving sustainable growth and resilience in global agriculture.
Dii provides smallholder farmers with timely and accurate climate advisories, leveraging advanced meteorological data and technology. These advisories help farmers make informed decisions about planting, irrigation, and crop management, reducing the impact of climate-related risks on their livelihoods.
Empowering Smallholder Farmers Through Tailored Agriculture Advisories: At Dii, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the agricultural landscape for smallholder farmers across the global south. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and real-time weather forecasts, we provide day-to-day agriculture advisories that are customized to meet the unique needs of each farmer. Our approach is simple yet powerful: we harness the latest weather data and translate it into actionable insights. Through various channels, including SMS, mobile apps, and community meetings, we ensure that our advisories reach farmers in a timely and accessible manner. With Dii, smallholder farmers gain a competitive edge, enabling them to make informed decisions about planting, harvesting, and crop protection. By optimizing their practices, we help farmers increase their yields, improve their livelihoods, and ultimately contribute to the growth of Bangladesh’s agricultural sector.

Empowering Agriculture Stakeholders with Seasonal and Sub-Seasonal Forecasting Expertise: Dii specializes in providing comprehensive seasonal and sub-seasonal forecasts tailored for the agricultural sector. Our forecasts serve as invaluable tools for policy makers and agriculture stakeholders, enabling them to make informed decisions that drive growth and sustainability. Harnessing advanced meteorological models and cutting-edge technology, we deliver precise predictions for weather patterns, rainfall distribution, temperature trends, and more. This foresight equips decision makers with the knowledge they need to strategize effectively, plan resource allocation, and implement policies that optimize agricultural outcomes. Our forecasts are not just data; they are actionable insights. Whether it’s planning planting schedules, managing irrigation resources, or strategizing for pest and disease control, our forecasts serve as a cornerstone for smart, forward-thinking agricultural practices.

Empowering Policy Makers with Proactive Climate Modeling Insights At Dii, we lead the way in utilizing advanced climate modeling techniques to assess agriculture vulnerabilities and anticipate long-term impacts. Our specialized approach equips policy makers and agriculture stakeholders with the foresight they need to make informed decisions at extended time frames. Through sophisticated climate models, we analyze a spectrum of factors, including temperature trends, precipitation patterns, and soil health dynamics. This enables us to identify vulnerabilities and project long-term impacts on agricultural systems. Armed with this knowledge, decision makers can develop strategies that bolster resilience and drive sustainable growth. Our comprehensive reports serve as invaluable resources for policy formulation, resource allocation, and disaster preparedness. Whether it’s adapting crop varieties, implementing water management strategies, or formulating climate-resilient policies, our insights guide stakeholders towards proactive, future-proof solutions.
Dii collaborates with leading experts in meteorology, agriculture, and technology. Our team includes meteorologists, agronomists, data scientists, and technology specialists who work together to provide the best possible climate advisories for smallholder farmers.
Smallholder farmers can access Dii’s climate advisories through various channels, including mobile apps, SMS notifications, and web-based platforms. We strive to make our services accessible to farmers, regardless of their technological capabilities.
Dii is committed to expanding its services globally. While we may initially focus on specific regions and based in Bangladesh, our long-term goal is to provide climate advisories to smallholder farmers in various parts of the world, especially in areas vulnerable to climate change.
You can support Dii’s mission by spreading awareness about our work, collaborating with us on research and development, or contributing to our efforts financially. Contact us to learn more about how you can Join our Team and make a positive impact on global agriculture.

Rokaiya Tasnim Tithi

Rokaiya is the head of partnership and resource mobilization in Dii. She has 5 years of experience in Business development and organizational strategic outreach. She is adept in development communication, grants management, marketing and growth management. She excels in developing quality content, i.e. systematically standardized reports, proposals, presentations along with formal publications. In addition, she is skilled in producing rapid information, developing compelling needs and impact-focused content for donor/partner/organizational communication materials.

Mohammad Mahabub Hasan

Head of Finance and Operations
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S A M Saifur Rahman

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Noshin Tasnim Othoi

Senior Research Associate
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Abu Ahamed Sabbir

A young agricultural economist, Abu Ahamed Sabbir, a graduate from Bangladesh Agricultural University has kicked off his professional career with Digital Innovation for Impact as a project associate. He is passionate about learning and doing research on economics related with agriculture, production, resource and environment, food system and rural development. He has experience working in different research projects of his university as a research assistant, data enumerator etc. He is good at questionnaire design,apps based questionnaire design (KoboToolbox, ODK, Surveycto), statistical analysis, data management and visualization, scientific paper writing etc.

Bhupoti Chandro Sarkar

Bhupoti Chandro Sarkar is currently working as an operations coordinator in Digital Innovation for Impact where he is mostly responsible for overall program designing, monitoring, implementation, preparing reports on expenses and office budgets. He has to keep track of field activities with partner organizations. He has over 8 years of experience working with various organizations as an operations coordinator, implementation officer, field implementation manager, and ICT field coordinator. Having all these professional experiences he has strong expertise in ICT training and implementation, communications, field research, community mobilization, and market development.

Md. Ferdous Hasan Prodhan

Having 14 years of working experience in different projects under multiple dimensions like Market System Development, Livelihoods & Food Security, DRR and Climate Change,Women Economic Empowerment, etc. in many renowned social and development organizations Md. Ferdous Hasan Prodhan is currently working as a consultant in Digital Innovation for Impact. He has strong expertise in Project Management and Implementation considering logical framework/result chain,Budget preparation and Management. Preparing reports, conducting surveys,Impact Study, Questionnaire,Development, Research work, and so on. He has experience working in a GEOPotato project of Agriculture Information service (AIS) under the Ministry of Agriculture which leverages weather data and satellite data for late blight forecasting.

Md Mushfiqul Islam

Md Mushfiqul Islam has over ten years of working experience in agricultural development, communication and extension. He is acquainted to work with the Agriculture Information Service (AIS) in a role of a project facilitator which is a part of a government organization. He has two research papers published in ‘International Journal of Research’. He is very adept at facilitating project activities, preparing the action plan and budget of a project, building rapport with stakeholders, providing training to the beneficiaries and others, monitoring and evaluation of the project, and so on.

Kartick Chandra Chakroborty

Kartick Chandra Chakroborty, an expert in the area of agriculture communication and agronomy Kartick Chandra Chakroborty has over thirty years of experience in diversified roles within the Department of Agricultural Extension Bangladesh. As the former Director of the Agriculture Information Service (AIS) under the auspices of the Ministry of Agriculture Bangladesh, he executed all the mass communication strategies and campaigns for the MoA. As a top executive of DAE, he contributed to various national plans and policy formulation. He is also an expert in modern horticultural technology including horticulture-based project implementation, Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), and Integrated Farm Management (IFM). He participated in numerous national and international training programs as an expert.

Dr. Hasan M Abdullah

Dr. Abdullah is an expert in leveraging GIS and Remote sensing for an agricultural context. Dr. Abdullah holds a Ph.D. in Agricultural Science with a major in Environmental Remote Sensing and GIS from the Graduate School of Agricultural Science, Gifu University, Japan. Currently, he is working on a NASA-funded five-year project as an international collaborating expert with Boston University. He is also a Norman E Borlaug International Agriculture Science and Technology fellow at Louisiana State University, funded by the USDA. Dr. Abdullah also worked as a CO-PI with Bangladesh Agriculture Research Institute (BARI) for the Development of Geodatabase of Haor Region for Sustainable Intensification of Agriculture in the context of climate change. He has excellent working experience in handling large dataset, database (SQL), satellite image interpretation, weather data interpretation, satellite image processing, GIS analysis and modeling with R, Erdas Imagine, ENVI, eCognition, QGIS, and Arc Info Processing. He has over twenty publications on the intersection of agriculture, forestry, weather, and satellite data.

Dr. Md Abdul Mannan

Bangladesh’s one of the most respected meteorologists, Dr. Mannan has over thirty years of experience in the area of meteorology and weather. As a former Director of the Storm Warning Center (SWC) of the Bangladesh Meteorological Department (BMD) Dr. Mannan was responsible for generating and disseminating forecasts for major weather events in Bangladesh. He oversaw the operational development, management, and implementation of various weather models that leverage big data, AI, and parallel computing to generate forecast and storm modeling.

Sadman Sadek

Sadman started his career as a software engineer at a subsidiary of intel writing codes to build softwares for Community Healthcare Workers to improve the data collection process. Now Sadman has over a decade of experience in the technology and digital development space and led the implementation of several ICT4D programs across South Asia and Africa valued at more than $8 million. Having a focus on innovation and ICT4D, his project has been recognized and awarded for innovation, social impact, and sustainability by various organizations such as ITU, Digital Empowerment Foundation, and the Bangladesh government. His expertise in strategy, capacity building, human-centered design, digital development principles, and nonprofit business development helped to raise more than $2.5 million worth of funds for the organizations he worked with.